Remastered in 2008

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Love Is Elastic - Emly Starr

The greatest hits of Emly Starr, remastered in 2008. 
Including a bonus DVD with some video clips and TV performances! All of this content for only 17 euro!

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What is Emly doing recently?

In 2012, Emly and her husband, producer and business partner Tony Winter created a new division of Globe Show Center (read more in Biography) – “HD Ledshine“. HD Ledshine is a company specialized in high quality LED screens for in- and outdoor events. In 2018 and 2019, the company launched a new World Record: World’s largest mobile screen! 144 square metres, built within 1 hour by only 1 crew member & 4K quality! If you are interested in renting or buying an LED screen, please visit and contact Emly or her team in order to find you the right solution.